XXXIV Meeting of
Astronomical Society of India
10-13 May 2016

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1 A. N. Ramaprakash ASI2016_1022 IUCAA
2 Aabha Monga ASI2016_897 Aryabhatta Research Institute of observational sciencES (ARIES), Nainital Spatial and Temporal enhancements in Eruptive events Poster
3 Aahut Chandwani ASI2016_479 M. P. Birla Institute of Fundamental Research
4 Abhidnya Thakur ASI2016_962 Msc 2, Dept. of Physics, Mumbai University Study of Gamma ray flares from Blazar PKS 1424-41 Poster
5 ABHIRUP GHOSH ASI2016_668 INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR THEORETICAL SCIENCES, TIFR Testing general relativity using golden black-hole binaries Oral
6 Abhisek Mohapatra ASI2016_805 Dept. Of Physics, NIT Rourkela Study of Structure of Our Galaxy Using Ultra-violet Star Counts of GALEX Survey. Poster
7 Aditi Vijayan ASI2016_974 RRI
8 Aishwarya Ashok ASI2016_555 M P Birla Institute of Fundamental Research Fundamental parameters of the neglected open cluster Waterloo 1 in the galactic second quadrant Poster
9 Ajay Kumar Tiwari ASI2016_505 IISER PUNE standing oscillations in coronal loops and plumes as seen from AIA/SDO Poster
10 Ajay Vibhute ASI2016_743 Inter University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics Astrosat CZTI Image Reconstruction Techniques Poster
11 Ajaz Ahmad Dar ASI2016_1038 Dept. of physics, university of kashmir Site Survey of Gulmarg, Kashmir, India for Optical Astronomical Observations Poster
12 Ajit Kembhavi ASI2016_1053 IUCAA
13 Ajit kumar Mehta ASI2016_641 ICTS TIFR
14 Akshay Suresh ASI2016_494 IISER Pune Statistical analysis of weak solar bursts seen with the Murchison Widefield Array Poster
15 Akshaya Subbanna M S ASI2016_440 Christ University Modelling of the dust scattered halos observed around bright stars Poster
16 Alka Mishra ASI2016_546 Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES) HI gas content in Giant Low Surface Brightness (LSB) Galaxies Poster
17 Amol Dighe ASI2016_631 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
18 Anindita Mondal ASI2016_508 S N Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences Abundance analysis of the Recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi (2006 outburst) Oral
19 Anirban Ain ASI2016_495 IUCAA Fast Mapping of Stochastic Gravitational Wave Background Using Data Folding Poster
20 Anirban Bhowmick ASI2016_717 JRF- IIA Determination of $^{16}O/^{18}O$ ratios in carbon rich hydrogen deficient stars from their infra-red spectra Poster
21 Anjali Yelikar ASI2016_692 IISER Thiruvananthapuram An Undergraduate Dual-band Radio Interferometer Poster
22 Anjasha Gangopadhyay ASI2016_633 ARIES, NAINITAL The X-Ray rich supernova SN 1978K Poster
23 Annapurni Subramaniam ASI2016_742 IIA
24 ANNU JACOB ASI2016_801 Indian institute of astrophysics Optics for Prototype Segmented Mirror Telescope Poster
26 Anuradha ASI2016_884 IUCAA, Pune Towards an effective signal-based discriminator for searches of gravitational-wave signals from binary black hole coalescences Poster
27 Anwesh Kumar Mishra ASI2016_609 IIA-Bangalore Mid-infrared imager for the 2 meter Himalayan Chandra Telescope Poster
28 Apara Tripathi ASI2016_451 DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur A homogeneous photometric catalog of Eight Open star Clusters Poster
29 Archana ASI2016_512 Korea Astronomy & Space Science Institute (KASI) Investigation of galactic star forming regions and young stellar objects Oral
30 Archana Sangwan ASI2016_792 PhD Scholar Scalar field dark energy and current observations Poster
31 Archisman Ghosh ASI2016_700 ICTS-TIFR Prospects of estimating cosmological parameters from gravitational-wave observations of coalescing binary black holes. Oral
32 Arshiya A ASI2016_734 Christ University Short and Long term periodicity in sunspot area and number Poster
33 Arti Joshi ASI2016_781 ARIES Photometry and Polarimetry study of Cataclysmic Variables (CVs) Oral
34 ARUN KUMAR NAIDU ASI2016_854 National Centre for Radio Astrophysics PONDER - A Real time software backend for pulsar and IPS observations at the Ooty Radio Telescope Oral
35 Arun Mangalam ASI2016_532 Indian Institute of Astrophysics A model for jet polarization and emission in blazars Poster
36 Arun Surya ASI2016_1029 Indian Institute of Astrophysics
37 Aruna ASI2016_550 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor stars: evolution, nucleosynthesis, observations and the impact on cosmochemistry Oral
38 Arunava Mukherjee ASI2016_604 ICTS-TIFR Constraining population synthesis models of compact binary coalescence using gravitational wave observations  Poster
39 Ashish Mahabal ASI2016_888 Caltech Deep stacked images and catalogs from Catalina Sky Survey Poster
40 Ashok K. Singal ASI2016_559 Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad The largest known head-tail radio galaxy IC 711 Poster
41 Ashok Kumar Singh ASI2016_1032 ARIES, MANORA PEAK, NAINITAL
42 Ashutosh Tripathi ASI2016_804 Research Assistant Gamma Ray Bursts as cosmological probe Poster
43 Ashwani Pandey ASI2016_685 Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences ( ARIES) Optical Quasi-Periodic Oscillations in the blazar PKS 2155-304 Poster
44 Asif Iqbal Ahangar ASI2016_556 University of Kashmir Entropy excess and energy deposition profile in galaxy clusters up to virial radius Oral
45 Atul Mohan ASI2016_450 NCRA-TIFR Radio properties of optically selected quasars Poster
46 Avijeet Prasad ASI2016_526 Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore Magnetic helicity and force-free properties of astrophysical magnetic fields Poster
47 Avinash Singh ASI2016_613 PhD Student, Indian Institute Of Astrophysics Optical Analysis of the Type II Supernova ASASSN14dq Poster
48 Avinash Surendran ASI2016_493 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Scalable kernel for Adaptive Optics on FPGA Poster
49 Avrajit bandyopadhyay ASI2016_701 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Metal poor weak-G-band stars in the halo and globular clusters: exploring the common origin Poster
50 Avyarthana Ghosh ASI2016_583 IUCAA Fan Loops Observed by IRIS, EIS and AIA Oral
51 Bari Maqbool ASI2016_657 University of Kashmir Time dependent spectrum of an X-ray irradiated accretion disc with stochastic perturbations Poster
52 Bhupendra Kumar Tiwari ASI2016_422 A.P.S. University Rewa M.P. Heliospheric Modulation of Galactic Cosmic Rays during Solar Minimum of solar cycle 23/24 Poster
53 BIDISHA BANDYOPADHYAY ASI2016_590 UNIVERSITY OF DELHI Can Annihilating Clumped Dark Matter lead to Helium Reionization? Oral
54 Biman Nath ASI2016_525 Raman Research Institute
55 Biny Sebastian ASI2016_857 NCRA-TIFR Imaging results from GMRT wideband backend Poster
56 Brajesh Kumar ASI2016_917 Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore Optical study of Type Ic supernova 2011jm Poster
57 Chandra Kant Mishra ASI2016_673 International Centre for Theoretical Sciences - Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (ICTS-TIFR)) Waveform modelling for binary black hole coalescences Poster
58 Changbom Park ASI2016_1065 Korea Institute for Advanced Study
59 Charles Jose ASI2016_871 SB College, Changanacherry Non-linear clustering of high redshift galaxies Oral
60 Chayan Mondal ASI2016_737 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Star formation in the spiral galaxy NGC 300 Poster
61 Dange Jeevan Pralhadrao ASI2016_1051 Mahatma Bashweshwer College Latur
62 Debottam Nandi ASI2016_898 IISER Thiruvananthapuram Complete Hamiltonian analysis of cosmological perturbations at all orders. Poster
63 Deovrat ASI2016_862 Indian Institute of Science Role of cooling and AGN jets in the evolution of cool-core galaxy clusters. Oral
64 Devansh Agarwal ASI2016_819 IISER-Thiruvananthapuram Multi-frequency profile evolution of Millisecond Pulsars Poster
65 Deviprasad Karnik ASI2016_1076 ISRO HQ
66 Dharam Vir Lal ASI2016_1026 NCRA-TIFR
67 Dhruba Dutta Chowdhury ASI2016_535 Presidency University Estimating the Sunyaev-Zeldovich signal from quasar hosts using a Halo Occupation Distribution based approach Poster
68 Dilpreet Kaur ASI2016_736 Student Blazar OJ 287 : A Photometric variability study Poster
69 Dipankar Banerjee ASI2016_383 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Kodaikanal Digitized Archive and long term study of the Sun Poster
70 Dipanweeta Bhattacharyya ASI2016_552 Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore $M-\sigma$ relationship and Galactic structure Poster
71 Divya Oberoi ASI2016_798 NCRA-TIFR Estimating the flux density and the brightness temperature of the Sun using a sky brightness model Poster
72 Dorje ASI2016_1037 IIA
73 Dr Naseer Iqbal ASI2016_828 Department of Physics University of Kashmir Srinagar Entropy Change and Phase transitions in an Expanding Universe Poster
74 Dr Vijayakumar H Doddamani ASI2016_1027 Bangalore University, Bangalore, karnataka
75 Dr. K. CHENNA REDDY ASI2016_785 Osmania University Strengths and limitations of the Gadanki MST radar for meteor observation Oral
77 Dr. Mahadev Baburao Pandge ASI2016_499 Dayanand Science College Latur Optical Imaging & Spectral Study of FR-I Type Radio Galaxy:CTD86 Poster
78 Dr. Parvaiz Ahmad Khan ASI2016_415 Department of Electronics and communication Engineering Islamic University of Science and Technology The variability of the GPS positional error during quiet and disturbed geomagnetic conditions Poster
79 Dr. Rulee Baruah ASI2016_764 HRH The Prince of Wales Instt. of Engineering and Technology
80 Dr. Subhash Kaushik ASI2016_400 GAPGC Dynamics of the Geophysical Plasma Events and Their Interplanetary Consequences Poster
81 Dr. Umesh C Joshi ASI2016_643 PRL, Ahmedabad Polarimetry of R Aquarii - An Exploding Nearby Star Poster
82 Drisya K ASI2016_465 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Studies on Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor (CEMP) stars Oral
83 Eeshan Hasan ASI2016_721 University of Hyderabad Star Formation and its progress in Serpens Poster
84 Ekta Sharma ASI2016_929 ARIES Optical polarimetry towards L1157 molecular cloud Poster
85 eswar reddy ASI2016_621 Indian Institute of astrophysics
86 Firoza Sutaria ASI2016_597 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Exploring star formation in Supernovae host galaxies: Poster
87 G.C. Anupama ASI2016_889 Indian Institute of Astrophysics
88 G.Yellaiah ASI2016_943 Osmania University,Hyderabad
89 Gaurava K Jaisawal ASI2016_432 Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad Suzaku observations of the Be/X-ray binary pulsar GX 304-1 Oral
90 GAUTAM SAIKIA ASI2016_634 TEZPUR UNIVERSITY Probing the source of FUV diffuse emission in Orion Poster
91 Gayathri Raman ASI2016_769 Raman Research Institute Timing and spectral studies of the dipping source XTE J1710-281 Poster
92 Gopal Hazra ASI2016_639 Indian Institute of Science A Three-Dimensional Babcock-Leighton Solar Dynamo Model with Non-Axisymmetric Subsurface Flow Poster
93 Gopala Krishna M R ASI2016_859 Raman Research Institute X-ray Polarimeter POLIX: Signal Processing Electronics development Poster
94 GURPREET KAUR ASI2016_452 PANJAB UNIVERSITY, CHANDIGARH Modelling the thermal evolution and differentiation of interior of Mars and Mercury Oral
95 Hariharan Krishnan ASI2016_491 Indian Institute of Astrophysics High Speed Digital Back-end for Observation of Low-Frequency Solar Radio Bursts Poster
97 Harinder P Singh ASI2016_474 University of Delhi
98 Haris M K ASI2016_796 IISER TVM A Hybrid detection statistic in coherent multi-detector binary gravitational wave Search Poster
99 HARIS U ASI2016_476 STUDENT Interstellar abundances and depletions along Galactic sight line Poster
100 Harvinder Kaur Jassal ASI2016_720 IISER Mohali
101 Henry Throop ASI2016_1006 Planetary Science Institute, USA
102 HIRAY MANISH SHARAD ASI2016_994 Fergusson College, Pune-4
103 Hum Chand ASI2016_972 ARIES
104 Hyung Mok Lee ASI2016_1066 Seoul National University
105 Indranil Chattopadhyay ASI2016_773 ARIES Simulation of accretion disc and multiple shocks Oral
106 Indulekha Kavila ASI2016_956 Mahatma Gandhi University Implications of Star Cluster Formation Scenarios for the IMF Poster
107 Ishwara Chandra CH ASI2016_753 NCRA-TIFR Discovery of a giant radio galaxy with GMRT Poster
108 J S Yadav ASI2016_644 TIFR, Mumbai
109 J. N. H. S. Aditya ASI2016_838 National Centre for Radio Astrophysics Cold Gas in High Redshift Galaxies Oral
110 Jasjeet Singh Bagla ASI2016_635 IISER Mohali
111 Jayant Murthy ASI2016_527 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Modeling the diffuse ultraviolet background Oral
112 Jessy Jose ASI2016_749 Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics Effect of stellar feedback on subsequent star formation activity Oral
113 Jishnu Bhattacharya ASI2016_665 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Strategies in seismic inference of supergranular flows on the Sun Poster
114 Joe Philip Ninan ASI2016_697 TIFR, Mumbai
115 Jyotirmay Paul ASI2016_758 IUCAA Design and Development of IR Camera for Robo-AO Poster
116 K G Arun ASI2016_1039 Associate Professor
117 K P Singh ASI2016_630 T.I.F.R., Mumbai First Scientific Results from observations with the Soft X-ray imaging Telescope onboard AstroSat Invited
118 K Sasikumar Raja ASI2016_458 Post Doctoral Research Fellow Radio Polarization Studies of the Solar Corona at Low-frequencies Oral
119 KALYANI BAGRI ASI2016_409 pt. Ravishankar shukla university A systematic analysis of the low/hard state RXTE spectra of GX 339-4 to constrain the geometry of the system Poster
120 Kandaswamy Subramanian ASI2016_761 Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics Origin of Cosmological magnetic fields: Primordial AND dynamos? Invited
121 Karamveer Kaur ASI2016_970 Raman Research Institute,Bangalore
122 Karthik A B ASI2016_751 Christ University Unidentified 3.5kev line in Dwarf Galaxies,Dark Matter sources Poster
123 Kartick C Sarkar ASI2016_524 Raman Research Institute Multi-wavelentgh emission from galactic winds and Fermi Bubbles Oral
124 Katherine Rawlins ASI2016_473 UM-DAE Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Mumbai Multi-component $H_{2}$ absorption in a damped Lyman-$\alpha$ absorber at $z_{abs}$ = 2.054 - spectroscopic analysis & simulation Oral
125 KINJALK LOCHAN ASI2016_579 IUCAA, Pune Constrainting Quantum theory from CMBR and Standard Cosmology Poster
126 Kishalay De ASI2016_475 Indian Institute of Science The puzzling orbital period evolution of the LMXB AX J1745.6-2901 Poster
127 Komala S ASI2016_419 M P Birla Institute of Fundamental Research First UBVRI CCD photometry of the open cluster Mayer 2 Poster
128 Krishna Kumar Kowshik ASI2016_418 M.P.Birla Institute of Fundamental Research, Bangalore Mass Function of open clusters NGC 2254 and Kronberger 1 Poster
129 Krishnanand Sinha ASI2016_777 Aryabhatta Research Institute of observational sciencES
130 Krishnendu Mandal `ASI2016_566 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Computing Seismic 3d Spherical Kernels for imaging the Sun Poster
131 Kumar ASI2016_964 ARIES Upgradation of the 104 cm ARIES Sampurnanand telescope Poster
132 Kumar Atmjeet ASI2016_902 IISER Thiruvananthapuram Probing mass-spin parameters of precessing NS-BH binaries Poster
133 Kumar Venkataramani ASI2016_865 Physical Reseach Laboratory Study of Molecular Gas Emissions from Cometary Coma Oral
134 Kuntal Misra ASI2016_704 ARIES
135 LABANI MALLICK ASI2016_547 IUCAA, Pune RMS Spectral Modelling – a powerful tool to probe the origin of variability in AGN Poster
136 Lalit Dalakoti ASI2016_1033 ARIES, MANORA PEAK, NAINITAL
137 Lalitha Sairam ASI2016_925 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Magnetic activities in the outer atmospheres of RS CVn-type Binaries Oral
138 Lijo Thomas George ASI2016_744 Raman Research Institute Low Frequency Study of Merging Galaxy Clusters using the MWA Oral
139 Lokesh Kumar Dewangan ASI2016_522 Physical Research Laboratory A multi-scale, multi-wavelength study of massive star-forming region W42 Oral
140 Madhuri Gaikwad ASI2016_549 NCRA GMRT Survey of Cygnus region. Poster
142 Maheswar Gopinathan ASI2016_789 Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences 3.6m Devasthal Optical Telescope (DOT): Commissioning and early science Invited
143 Malik Abdul Waheed ASI2016_412 Department Of Physics Barkatullah University Bhopal Effect of solar radiation fluxes on the ionosphere during low and high solar activity Poster
144 Malu S ASI2016_680 Department of Astronomy, Osmania University, Hyderabad KP103285: A Low Mass Ratio Overcontact Binary System Poster
145 Manzoor Malik ASI2016_1049 University of Kashmir
146 MAYUKH PAHARI ASI2016_548 IUCAA, Pune Spectro-temporal analysis of X-ray binaries using LAXPC on-board ASTROSAT satellite Oral
147 Mayuresh Sarpotdar ASI2016_714 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Design and Development of a Star Sensor - StarSense Poster
148 Megha A ASI2016_486 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Coronal Plasma Diagnostics using Visible and Near-IR Coronal Emission Lines Poster
149 Mithun N P S ASI2016_444 Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad Characterizing scintillator with Si photomultiplier for Compton X-ray polarimeter Poster
151 Mohana Krishna.R ASI2016_864 IISc - ISRO Multi Slit Spectro-polarimeter – a high cadence solar spectro-polarimeter Poster
152 MRIDUSMITA BURAGOHAIN ASI2016_636 TEZPUR UNIVERSITY Vibrational spectra of deuterated PAHs: C-H out-of-plane vibrations Poster
153 Mridweeka Singh ASI2016_521 ARIES The behavior of supernova SN 2014cy in the optical wavelength Poster
154 Mubashir Hamid Mir ASI2016_693 University of Kashmir Model for the enigmatic energy-dependent time lags and rms of the heartbeat oscillations in GRS 1915-105 Poster
155 N.Panchapakesan ASI2016_411 University of Delhi
156 NAFISA AFTAB ASI2016_682 RAMAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE Variability study of the High Mass X-ray binary IGR J18027–2016 with Swift–XRT Poster
157 Nagendra Kumar ASI2016_833 Ph.D. student, IUCAA, Pune-411007 Inferring the possible geometry of the Comptonizing system in NS LMXBs & Time-lags associated to Comptonization process, a Monte Carlo study. Poster
158 Namrata Roy ASI2016_849 Presidency University Properties of Gamma-Ray and Optical Outbursts of Fermi Blazars Poster
159 Narendra Nath Patra ASI2016_771 NCRA-TIFR Dark galaxies and their dark matter content Poster
160 NAVEEL AHMAD WANI ASI2016_457 DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS, UNIVERSITY OF KASHMIR Effect of Multi-stochastic Perturbations on the behaviour of Accretion Discs Poster
161 Naveen Yadav ASI2016_699 IISc Dynamics of Supernova Driven Supershells Oral
162 Navpreet Kaur ASI2016_783 Research Student Multiwavelength study of recent flaring activity in HBL 1ES 1959+650 Poster
163 Nayana A J ASI2016_462 NCRA-TIFR Discovery of 325 MHz and 610 MHz radio counterpart of Supernova Remnant HESS J1731-347 a.k.a SNR G353.6-0.7 Poster
164 Nazma Islam ASI2016_625 Raman Research Institute, Bangalore Orbital evolution and search for eccentricity and apsidal motion in the eclipsing HMXB 4U 1700-37 Poster
165 neelam panwar ASI2016_582 University of Delhi Low-mass young stellar content of the cluster IC1805 Poster
166 Nikhil Vijay Naik ASI2016_996 IIT-KGP + NCRA
167 Nikku Madhusudhan ASI2016_1001 University of Cambridge Chemical Characterization of Extrasolar Planets Invited
168 Niladri Paul ASI2016_713 Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics Modelling the Luminosity-dependence of Galaxy Clustering using Extreme Value Statistics and the Halo Model Poster
169 Nilesh Sadashiv Raskar ASI2016_733 NCRA-TIFR Testing the observing modes of upgraded GMRT: Current status tests and future plans Poster
170 Nilkanth Vagshette ASI2016_993 Physical Research Laborotary, Ahmedabad
171 Nimisha Kantharia ASI2016_752 NCRA-TIFR Counter-rotation in galaxies Poster
172 Ninan Sajeeth Philip ASI2016_1060 St. Thomas College
173 Niruj Mohan Ramanujam ASI2016_1024 National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA-TIFR)
174 Nisha Rani ASI2016_658 University of Delhi Parametric and nonparametric contraints on Transition redshift Oral
175 Nishtha Sachdeva ASI2016_416 Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune Propagation of Coronal Mass Ejections Poster
176 nomaan ASI2016_520 raman research institute Some Ideas in Causal set Quantum Gravity Poster
177 Omkar Suresh Bait ASI2016_671 National Center for Radio Astrophysics-TIFR SED fitting for S0 galaxies using GALEX-SDSS-2MASS-WISE photometry Poster
178 Ophelia Fabre ASI2016_395 IISER Thiruvananthapuram Signature of primordial magnetic fields in the CMB with Faraday rotation Poster
179 P Sreekumar ASI2016_1054 Indian Institute of Astrophysics
180 Padmakar Parihar ASI2016_1056 Indian Institute of Astrophysics
181 Pankaj Sanwal ASI2016_795 Aryabhatta Research Institute of observational sciences Broad-band photometric survey of zenith sky at Nainital Poster
182 Parameswaran Ajith ASI2016_1036 ICTS-TIFR
183 PAUL KT ASI2016_971 Christ University
184 Peter Kamphuis ASI2016_772 NCRA-TIFR Neutral Hydrogen in the Halo of the Early Type Galaxy ESO 92-G021 Poster
185 Piyali Chatterjee ASI2016_664 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Mystery of repeatedly flaring delta sunspots Invited
186 Pooja Bhattacharjee ASI2016_540 Bose Institute, Kolkata
187 Prabhu Velar ASI2016_1071 Galileo Telescope P Limted
188 Pradeep Chandra ASI2016_659 BARC VHE gamma-ray observations of Markarian 421 and B20806+35 using TACTIC during 2015-16. Oral
189 Pradeepta Kishore Mohanty ASI2016_823 RAD@home Astronomy Collaboratory, India Reporting Discoveries from GMRT by RAD@home citizen-scientists using complete TGSS DR5 data Poster
190 Prahlad Epili ASI2016_445 Physical Research Laboratory
191 Pramod Kumar ASI2016_405 Jagan Nath University, Jaipur Statistical analysis of thermal X-ray emission (> 13keV) observed from the X class Solar flares Poster
192 Prasad Subramanian ASI2016_848 IISER Pune Episodic blobs in AGN jets - analogies with solar CME initiation Poster
193 Prasanna Deshmukh ASI2016_428 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Simulator for Primary Mirror Control System of Segmented Mirror Telescope Oral
194 Prasanta Kumar Nayak ASI2016_702 Indian Institute of Astrophysics STUDY OF STAR CLUSTERS IN THE LARGE MAGELLANIC CLOUDS USING OGLE III SURVEY DATA Poster
195 Prashant Suradkar ASI2016_1075 Bhabha Atomic Researcdh Center
196 Prasun Dhang ASI2016_574 IISc Bangalore Dichotomy between Black Hole and Neutron Star Accretion: Effect of Hard Surface Poster
197 PRATEEK GUPTA ASI2016_768 S. P . PUNE UNIVERSITY, PUNE, MAHARASHTRA Revealing radio structures from filamentary inroads and cluster outskirts by numerical modelling of radio emissions Poster
198 Pratik Dabhade ASI2016_601 IUCAA Discovery and multiwavelength analysis of Giant Radio Galaxies Poster
200 Praveer Tiwari ASI2016_918 Indian Institute of Science Modeling Mode Mixing in the Ringdown Phase of Binary Black Hole Coalescence Poster
201 Preethi K ASI2016_443 Christ University White Dwarf Catalogue & Extinction Map Poster
202 Priya Hasan ASI2016_740 MANUU, Hyderabad An Xray Survey of the Young Stellar Population of NGC 281 Poster
203 Priyanka Chaturvedi ASI2016_433 Physical Research Laboratory Detection of two M dwarfs in F+M detached eclipsing binary systems with radial velocity measurements from PARAS Poster
204 Priyanka Rani ASI2016_608 JRF Correlation between X-ray and optical flux variations in AGN Poster
205 Priyanka Singh ASI2016_482 Raman Research Institute Suppression of galactic outflows by cosmological infall/circumgalactic medium Poster
206 Prof. Ram Sagar ASI2016_1074 Chief Editor, Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy, Indian Academy of Sciences. Bangalore
207 Pushpa Khare ASI2016_488 Retired
208 R. Srianand ASI2016_836 IUCAA On the star formation in high-z DLAs Invited
209 Raghunath Ghara ASI2016_509 NCRA-TIFR 21-cm signature of the first sources in the Universe: Prospects of detection with SKA Poster
210 Rahna P T ASI2016_441 Christ University, Bengaluru Dust lane spheroidal galaxies in GALEX, SDSS, 2MASS, WISE and IRAS bands Poster
211 Rahul Kumar Anand ASI2016_679 D.D.U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur, 273009 Infrared emission bands in some late carbon stars and correlation with other archival data Poster
212 Rahul Yadav ASI2016_595 Udaipur Solar Observatory/PRL The relation between Umbral Dots and phase of Sunspot Poster
213 Raj Prince ASI2016_896 Raman Research Institute Bangalore
214 Rajesh Mondal ASI2016_883 Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Statistics of the epoch of reionization 21-cm signal : Power spectrum error-covariance Oral
215 Rakesh Chandra Narwa ASI2016_930 MJCET, Statistical analysis of meteoroid fragmentation during the Geminid and Leonid Meteor showers Poster
216 Ramya M Anche ASI2016_498 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Mueller Matrices of the Mirrors of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) Poster
217 Ranjan Gupta ASI2016_384 IUCAA Light Scattering tools to understand effects of dust in astrophysical environments Poster
218 Ranjani.L.Kandi ASI2016_442 Christ University,Bangalore Long term variability of Hα emission line profiles in selected Be-Stars Poster
219 Ravinder K Banyal ASI2016_709 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Development of a Fabry-Perot Wavelength Calibrator for High Precision Doppler Spectroscopy Poster
220 Ravishankar B T ASI2016_778 ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore. ASTROSAT Scanning Sky Monitor: Data Processing and Analysis Poster
221 Raya Dastidar ASI2016_632 ARIES, NAINITAL Study of type IIb Supernova 2012P and its host galaxy Poster
222 Reju Sam John ASI2016_468 PEC, Pondicherry University Manufacturing cosmic rays in the evolving dynamical states of Galaxy clusters Poster
223 Remya Nair ASI2016_722 IUCAA, Pune Synergy between ground and space based gravitational wave detectors Poster
224 Resmi Lekshmi ASI2016_939 Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology
225 Richa Kundu ASI2016_615 University of Delhi Examining empirical metallicity-Fourier parameter relations for RR Lyrae stars Poster
226 Rishin Puthiya Veetil ASI2016_856 Raman Research Institute X-ray Polarimeter - POLIX: Design and development status Poster
227 rohit ASI2016_649 ncra-tifr Characterisation of non-thermal solar emissions at low radio frequencies. Oral
228 RUBINUR KHATUN ASI2016_690 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Radio Observations of Candidate Dual Active Galactic Nuclei in Double Peaked Emission Line Galaxies Oral
229 Ruchika ASI2016_779 IUCAA
230 Rupak Roy ASI2016_880 The Oskar Klein Centre, Department of Astronomy, Stockholm University, AlbaNova, 10691 Stockholm, Sweden Luminous Supernovae : Implication of shock interaction on the observed properties Oral
231 Ruta Kale ASI2016_427 NCRA-TIFR Spectra of brightest cluster galaxies Poster
232 s n tandon ASI2016_640 IUCAA, Pune and IIA, Bengaluru
233 S. Rathna Kumar ASI2016_587 Physical Research Laboratory Determination of $H_0$ through monitoring of gravitationally lensed quasars Oral
234 S. Seetha ASI2016_1063 ISRO, BANGALORE
235 Sabyasachi Chattopadhyay ASI2016_691 IUCAA IDSAC - IUCAA Digital Sampler Array Controller Poster
236 Sachin S. Sherkar ASI2016_730 NCRA-TIFR Testing of New wide-band backend of the upgraded GMRT: Current status and its long-term comparison with the existing software-backend Poster
237 sameer ASI2016_767 physical research laboratory Decade long optical monitoring of Blazar 3C66A Poster
238 Samir Dhurde ASI2016_1050 IUCAA
239 Samir Mandal ASI2016_938 Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology Spectral properties of pair-plasma in disc-jet system around black hole Oral
240 SAMRAT SEN ASI2016_541 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Model of a flux tube with twisted magnetic fields Poster
241 samyaday choudhury ASI2016_543 IISc (JAP), IIA Study of evolved stellar populations in the Magellanic Clouds Oral
242 Sandeep Kumar Kataria ASI2016_551 JAP-IIA, Bangalore Studying the Formation and Structure of Bars in Dark Matter Dominated Spiral Galaxies using Gadget-2 Simulations Poster
243 Sandeep Rana ASI2016_406 IISER Mohali HI intensity mapping, co-adding and cross-correlation Oral
244 Sandip ASI2016_1007 B.M.Birla Planetarium, Jaipur
245 Santaji N Katore ASI2016_924 NCRA Characterising the time-domain band stability of the upgraded GMRT system Poster
246 Santosh Vadawale ASI2016_1031 Physical Research Laboratory
247 Sarmistha Banik ASI2016_946 BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus Deformation properties of rotating neutron stars with exotic equation of state with density dependent couplings Poster
248 SATHYANARAYANAN ASI2016_534 AMRITA UNIVERSITY Diffuse Ultra-Violet Radiation from Taurus Molecular Cloud Poster
249 Saurabh Singh ASI2016_610 Raman Research Institute On the Detection of Global 21-cm signal from Reionization using Interferometers Oral
250 Sayan Biswas ASI2016_539 Bose Institute Searching for signatures of dark matter annihilation from low surface brightness galaxies using FERMI gamma ray data Poster
251 Seshadri Sridhar ASI2016_654 Raman Research Institute, Bengaluru, India The disruption of multiplanet systems through resonance with a binary orbit Invited
252 SHANKARANARAYANAN S ASI2016_607 IISER-TVM Low scale Higgs Inflation with Gauss Bonnet Coupling Oral
253 Shantanu Rastogi ASI2016_518 DDU Gorakhpur University Study of astrophysically relevant phenyl substituted aromatic phenanthrene Poster
254 Sharanya Sur ASI2016_568 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Galaxy outflows without supernovae Invited
255 Shashikiran Ganesh ASI2016_467 Physical Research Laboratory
256 Sheelu Abraham ASI2016_470 IUCAA, Pune, India Does the formation scenario of S0 galaxies depend on their stellar mass? Poster
257 Sheo Kumar Pandey ASI2016_1064 Pt Ravishankar Shukla University
258 Shiang-Yu Wang ASI2016_1067 Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics
259 Shilpa Kastha ASI2016_656 JRF Tracking the redshift evolution of merger rate density for double neutron star systems using gravitational wave detections Poster
260 Shishir Sankhyayan ASI2016_594 Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (Pune) Large Scale Structures and Clusters-Voids Cross-correlation Oral
261 Shrishail Raut ASI2016_533 Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University Modelling of warping forces for non-axial aspheric profile of thin mirror and a case study on cross coupling of warping forces on surface deformation. Poster
262 Shruthi S Bhat ASI2016_431 Christ University High resolution spectroscopy of Classical Be stars Poster
263 Shubham Srivastav ASI2016_807 Indian Institute of Astrophysics PSN J15053007+0138024 : a faint transitional type Ia supernova. Poster
264 Shweta Srivastava ASI2016_388 Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad GMRT studies of Wolf Rayet Galaxies Poster
265 Shylaja B S ASI2016_564 Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bengaluru Star Catalogue from texts on Indian Astronomy Poster
266 Siddhartha Gupta ASI2016_951 Research scholar, Joint Astronomy Programme, IISc and RRI Effect of radiation pressure on superbubbles in dense medium Poster
267 Sireesha Chamarthi ASI2016_627 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Towards Radial Velocity Measurements with Iodine Absorption Cell on VBT Echelle Spectrograph Poster
268 Sk Javed Rana ASI2016_650 IUCAA Optimizing Method to Localize the Gravitational Wave Sources Using Electromagnetic Follow-up within a Setting Patch Poster
269 Smitha Subramanian ASI2016_790 Kavli Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics, Peking University, Beijing, China Signatures of a tidally stripped stellar population from the inner regions of the Small Magellanic Cloud Oral
270 Sneh Lata ASI2016_904 ARIES, Nainital Variable stars in young open star cluster NGC 7380 Poster
271 Snehalata Sahu ASI2016_705 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Galactic Globular Clusters: Revealing the UV properties using GALEX and HST Observations Poster
272 Soham Bhattacharyya ASI2016_398 Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Thiruvananthapuram Investigation of scalar hair in f(R) black holes using numerical techniques Poster
273 Somak Raychaudhury ASI2016_1025 IUCAA
274 SOMNATH DUTTA ASI2016_715 S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences A census of variable stars in the young cluster NGC 2282 from differential photometry Poster
275 Sonali Sachdeva ASI2016_481 Post Doctoral Fellow, IUCAA Evolution of disc galaxies for the past 8 Gyrs Oral
276 SOUMAVO GHOSH ASI2016_577 IISc, BANGALORE Effect of Dark Matter halo on spiral structures of different scales Oral
277 Sowgata Chowdhury ASI2016_461 Christ University Pulsation and Rotation of A-K type stars in the Kepler field Poster
278 Sreejith Padinhatteeri ASI2016_842 Manipal University Delta-sunspot groups and Solar Flares Oral
279 Sreekanth Reddy V ASI2016_710 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Estimation of the atmospheric turbulence parameters using short exposure images with 1.3m telescope at Kavalur Poster
280 Subhajeet Karmakar ASI2016_562 Aryabhatta Research Institute of observational Sciences (ARIES), Nainital X-ray Superflare on CC Eri Poster
281 Subhashis Roy ASI2016_957 NCRA-TIFR Nature of a transient source near Galactic centre Poster
282 subramania athiray ASI2016_686 manipal centre for natural sciences Study of lunar surface chemistry using Swept Charge Devices Oral
283 Suchetana Chatterjee ASI2016_515 Presidency University Feedback from Active Galactic Nuclei: Implications from X-ray Surface Brightness Profiles of Galaxies Poster
285 Sujatha S ASI2016_420 M.P. Birla Institute of Fundamental Research
286 Sujay Mate ASI2016_1043 IISER Pune
287 Sukanta Bose ASI2016_1021 IUCAA/WSU
288 Sukhvinder Kaur solan ASI2016_903 Kolkata astronomy centre
289 Sumit Kumar ASI2016_707 International centre for theoretical sciences, TIFR, Bengaluru A new multi-detector coincidence test for the search for gravitational waves from compact binary coalescences Poster
290 Sunetra Giridhar ASI2016_765 Indian Institute of Astrophysics HESP: an echelle spectrograph for 2m HCT Invited
291 Sunil Chandra ASI2016_394 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai Synchrotron polarisation and SEDs during high energy flares in blazars Poster
292 Supriyo Ghosh ASI2016_706 SNBNCBS Spectro-photometric Studies of MASTER Optical Transient J183012.04+093342.6 : a OH/IR star in the Constellation Ophiuchus Poster
293 Suruchi Goel ASI2016_810 Physical Research Laboratory The statistical study of global properties of sunspots in SoHO/MDI continuum images over solar cycle 23. Oral
294 Sushma Kurapati ASI2016_822 Research Scholar Dark and visible matter in gas rich dwarf galaxies Poster
295 Susmita Das ASI2016_815 University of Delhi Multi-wavelength Analysis of Theoretical light curves of RR Lyrae Poster
296 Susmitha Rani Antony ASI2016_653 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Oxygen abundances in carbon enhance metal poor (CEMP) stars: Comparison between CO and [OI] lines Oral
297 SUVENDU RAKSHIT ASI2016_581 Indian Institute of Astrophysics First spatially resolved black hole mass of quasar 3C273 Oral
298 Swarna K Ghosh ASI2016_1030 NCRA
299 T Mageshwaran ASI2016_542 Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore Jet and accretion dynamics of tidal disruption events Poster
300 T. Sivarani ASI2016_1016 Indian Institute of Astrophysics
301 Tabasum ASI2016_824 DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS, UNIVERSITY OF KASHMIR Role of Peculiar Velocities of Galaxies in Gravitational Clustering of Cosmological Many Body Problem Poster
302 Tanmoy Chattopadhyay ASI2016_622 Physical Research Laboratory Generation of Response Matrix for multi-pixel CZT detectors Poster
303 Tanmoy Samanta ASI2016_651 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Response of chromospheric jets in the corona Oral
304 Tapas Baug ASI2016_417 Post-Doctoral Fellow, TIFR, Mumbai Galactic bubble N37 and surrounding star formation activity Oral
305 Tejas Kale ASI2016_834 Cumulus Systems Pvt. Ltd. Machine learning techniques for identifying large scale radio sources Poster
306 Tejpreet Kaur ASI2016_1041 Panjab University, Chandigarh
307 Tomin K James ASI2016_599 Iiser pune Elemental electron acceleration at sun Poster
308 Udaya Shankar ASI2016_1012 RRI Modeling the Radio Foreground for detection of spectral distortions from the Epoch of Reionization Poster
309 Urmi Doshi ASI2016_389 M.P.Birla Institue of Fundamental Research, Bangalore On the geomagnetic storms associated with isolated halo CMEs Poster
310 V.Venkataraman ASI2016_681 Physical Research Laboratory Infrared investigations of circumstellar matter Oral
311 Vaibhav Pant ASI2016_538 Indian Institute Of Astrophysics Kinematics of fast and slow CMEs Oral
312 varun ASI2016_738 Research Scholar, Raman Research Institute A Large Area Photo-electron Polarimeter Technique : Experimental and Simulation Results. Poster
313 Varun Bhalerao ASI2016_797 IUCAA First science from CZTI Poster
314 Varun Kumar ASI2016_489 Indian Institute of Astrophysics An Inductive Edge Sensor for Segmented Mirror Telescope Poster
315 Veeresh Singh ASI2016_519 Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad Unveiling Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) population in distant dusty galaxies Poster
316 Venkata Suresh Narra ASI2016_914 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Surface roughness requirements on primary mirror of Visible Emission Line Coronagraph (VELC) on board INDIA’s ADITYA-L1 mission Poster
317 Vidyamani V. ASI2016_719 Raman Research Institute
318 Vineeth Valsan ASI2016_554 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Development of Stressed Mirror Polishing Technology Oral
319 Vinita Navalkar ASI2016_999 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
320 Viral Parekh ASI2016_606 Raman Research Institute Detection of diffuse radio sources in MACS clusters Poster
321 Vishal Joshi ASI2016_1045 Physical Research Laboratory
322 Yogesh Wadadekar ASI2016_861 NCRA-TIFR A GMRT survey of some Herschel/HerMES deep fields at 325 MHz Poster
323 ZAHIR AHMAD SHAH ASI2016_695 Department of Physics University of Kashmir Multi-Wavelength Study of 3C454 During August 2015 Flaring Oral

Note that at this time contributed presentations are only listed under the "Title" column

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